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Library Overview

Audio processing effects including compression, opamp/diode based distortion, tube/valve triode gain stage overdrive, graphic and parametric equalizers's, delay modulation such as flanging and chorus, and echo/reverberation.

Source Files

  • xeffects_compression
Signal envelope compression
  • xeffects_distortion
Slew-rate limited opamp and clipping diodes modeling
Triode tube/valve gain stage stage modeling
  • xeffects_graphiceqs
Seven, ten and fifteen-band graphic equalizers
  • xeffects_parametriceq
Fully parametric equalizer
  • xeffects_modulation
Sample delay modulation effects such as chrous and flanging
  • xeffects_reverberation
Reverberation and echo effects
  • xeffects_tonestacks
Fendor, Marshal, Vox and Baxandal types

Programming Examples